Event Tips

It’s safe to say that with the Pinterest craze, couples near and far have expressed an interest in curating their wedding style from start to finish, crafting in to the wee hours of the morning and taking full control of their big day. Not only is this a lot of work, it shows a level of creativity that we at DREAMY celebrate. After all, your wedding should be an expression of YOU and what better way then to get your hands dirty and get in it. This doesn’t mean; however, that the help of a wedding planner isn’t a completely smart investment – it is!
It is undoubtedly true that wedding vendors play a huge role in any wedding – of course we do, we are professionals who do this for a living! Although a couple have decided to get a little crafty, it’s the professionals that insure these crafts come with a plan, a cohesive look and are executed with precision. Helping couples bring their vision to life is one of our favourite things. If you are keen to make ALL of your décor – we will gladly be your DIY wedding planner and put you to work! A couple may come to us with an idea of how they want their wedding to feel and look but with a relatively tight budget for décor. Its these types of challenges and limitations that truly inspire us to get extra creative – we LOVE it!
Hiring a wedding planner isn’t for the rich and famous. Couples of all different timelines and budgets hire wedding planners every day based on their individual needs which is why most of our planning packages are customized for each special couple of lovebirds.
For example; a couple has approached us with their wedding vision but really lack the vision and experience to put it all together. We put together a look, the elements and textures of their vision a timeline for completing the projects and then put them to work! Thrifting, crafting, building – you name it – we give them the road map but they put it all together. This approach can save a couple on décor but still give them the cohesive look they were after from a stylist.
If you are that DIY person who wants to craft your wedding but want to insure its an event to remember, that it has a cohesive look and doesn’t resemble a craft room gone wild, then don’t be too shy to contact a wedding planner to see what they can offer. Yes, when budgets are tight its hard to make room for another vendor but we will gladly get you doing the work and charge accordingly ONLY for what we do. Its worth an email or a phone call at least!